Lessons have a high energy and motivating style.  
Students are encouraged to progress in order to join in house bands!



- To provide a place for creative, intellectual and spiritual growth.

- To foster an environment where young people know they are respected and that their efforts matter.

- To teach that people are really the focus of music and that why we play is as important as what we play.

- To encourage the use of one's God given talent and to focus on those areas in which we are weak.

- To teach that above all music has to make people feel something; let's make sure it’s something good.

- To instill that discipline will always win the day and that our love of music will pull us through tough times.

- True success follows good character.


At Loudoun Music Instruction kids have a place where they can explore the world of music with an experienced mentor that will listen to them, meet them at the music they want to play, then take them forward to higher levels of musicianship.  

The process starts by finding from where their passion grows.  We want to know what brought them here.  We then use that passion to get them practicing.    Once they start improving, we'll teach them how to share their music with others in the band program.  We'll teach them how to figure out music, how to play it with their own unique style, how to write their own and lift others up with their abilities.   If they are incredibly dedicated and develop a high level of skill, there is THE IMMORTALS.  The premier youth music program in Northern Virginia.  


Teaching Philosophy: Every child is unique.  We must find the music in that child and cultivate it.  As with language, we teach little ones to speak first.  They play music first.  They learn the vocabulary of pitch and rhythm.  Once we can speak a fair amount of music, we learn to read it in order to be able to give sense and form to what we are doing.  The timing of the moves from wrote to write are different for every student, but the overriding push to excellence does not stop.  

The goals of the student dictate the pace and the material presented.  We are constantly slipping in higher level concepts, different styles of music, technical skills to augment natural ability and exercises to promote creativity.  Practice and only practice is promoted as the key to excellence as a musician.  We choose to be good and this disciplined approach pervades our every move.

The motto is, "don't wait to be great."



It has been more than 13 years now and I cannot believe how wonderful it is to open my door each day.  The rewards are so many I can't count them.  You can bet that if you get a child in here at LMI, they will get an instructor who will teach them thoroughly, professionally and creatively.  Miss Pam and I will be a solid rock in their lives that they can count on for knowledge, experience, growth, and constant challenge.  

Lastly...I have found over the years that the kids WANT this to be hard.  They don't mind the challenge in fact they love the honest feedback.  They want a place with rules that are lived by, a place where standards are in stone and a place where they can go HARD, dedicate themselves and get rewarded for it.  This is that place. - Frank Keim -owner/instructor


"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself."    - Galileo  



Our spring and fall concerts are huge fun for the kids and families! 

The Loudoun Music Instruction Family currently supports over 140 students on Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Drums and Voice.

     Rates for Private Instruction

$140 per month 

Band Rehearsals - $15


Rates for Pam Becker are $140/month


Scientific research has shown that musical training for children increases scholastic achievement and improves overall behavior and attitude.   It increases self esteem as well because it requires effort and dedication to progress thereby increasing the depth and quality of the individual's character.  Here at L.M.I., I also teach students to work well with others and to respect one another's talents.