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Reviews of Loudoun Music Instruction

Comments of the Loudoun Music Instruction Family.  Please feel free to add your own review of my efforts.  I thank you all for your help in making my dream of a please kids can learn, grow and jam.....come true!

Loudoun Public Schools

Loudoun One of the Best 101 Communities for Music Education

Please patronize Lovettsville Pizza and Subs in Lovettsville, VA.  The owner Chuck Blough is a strong supporter of the kids.  This man and his business have made so much of their growth and opportunity possible!


Thanks also to the town of Purcellville, VA for the opportunity to let my students "Rock the Field" at their new concert series.  I sincerly appreciate this opportunity and so do the kids!


Special thanks to Mayor Walker, and the staff of the town of Lovettsville for their support of my activities and for their insistence that our Fall Concert remain a part of Lovettsville's Oktoberfest each year!