The "Immortals" - the story of students who wanted more
Musicians with great talent, strong drive and real character

To be selected for the IMMORTALS a candidate must...

1.  Be enrolled as a student at Loudoun Music Instruction.

2.  Perform above the level of his/her peers on a consistent basis.

3.  Constantly complete assignments as directed at his/her lessons.  Show ability and passion to "take it past the lesson" and incorporate material into his/her personal playing and/or vocal style.  Show consistency in all facets of development. 

4.  Have a firm grip on chord and scale theory and the ability to put it to use.

5.  Demonstrate excellent rhythm and rhythmic ability. 

6.  Show respect, humilty and ability to work with others in band workshops.

7.  Make it impossible for me NOT to choose him/her, by always being ready for every opportunity.

8.  Drummers must excel at their rudiments; master rock, blues, jazz, and big band styles.   Must also be able to incorporate skills and styles from key drumming innovators.

9.  All candidates must show a strong desire to confront their weaknesses head on and focus on what they do not know.  Consistent growth is expected.

**selections are made between Sept and Oct each year.


So far 35 kids have been Immortal since 2006.  All of them make me proud to this day!  I would make a road band out of just about any combination of them and it could play anything.  I love when former Immortals see current Immortals play.  They nod approvingly and say "oh yeah" in my general direction.


CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Immortals Ethan Chisholm, Emma Wilson, Kirsten Woods, Hobbs Miller-Pincus and Mason Leuck.  With your fabulous debut, you've shown everyone the 2017 promises to be a great Immortals year.   

The 2017 Immortals Lineup 

Hannah Becker - 12th Grade - Tuscarora HS

Hannah is a leader and a musician.  She is solid in all her musicianship and can be counted on in all situations to be ready and ON.  2016's Immortals rely on her excellent piano comping and smooth vocals.  Hannah enjoys the friendship in the band and loves Cleveland!!!  


Beatrice Baxter - 11th Grade - Woodgrove HS

People wonder where I find these kids.  Well they grow here.  Beatrice has been singing and playing guitar down at LMI since 2007.  She is a musician in the blood.  She feels life and expresses love, sadness, joy and passion through the sounds of her voice and guitar.  Her every move speaks Immortals and the LMI philosophy of discipline, love and determination.  Her rendition of James Brown's "Man's World" at her Debut show Jan. 4th, 2015 will long be remembered as a signature LMI moment.  

Nathan Dahlman - 11th Grade - Loudoun Valley HS

Nathan was invited into the Immortals in 2014 after taking drum lesson at LMI since 2009.  He was the obvious heir to the awesome job of drumming for this class because of his maturity and willingness to just GO to a higher level.  He is humble, yet talented.  He is fun, yet dedicated.  He knows success must comes through hard work and has decided that this is the route he'll take.  For him it's's just having fun.  Nathan has an amazingly hard task for one so young.  He is playing jazz, r&b, soul, samba, go-go, blues, hard rock with seasoned musicians who have grown to LOVE him.  "I love Nathan" is heard every five minutes in here and I agree!  He is meeting the challenge head on and his hard work is the bedrock of the current Immortals.  Congrats to you Nathan.


Ethan Chisholm - 11th Grade - Loudoun Valley HS - New to the group for 2017 Ethan is a bassist with discipline and soul.  He enjoys and jazz, funk and R&B and is always looking for new and exciting sounds.  He is in th eright place with the best players at LMI.  He is also working on his piano and singing skills.  

Emma Wilson - 11th Grade - The Wilson Home School - The schooling at teh Wilson hoe must be awesome because this child is amaziing in her dedication to music.  She sings and plays with power and passion.  She practices with passion as well.  Emma knows she wants to pursue music in her life and is looking for what direction to take.  What she doesn't yet know is that she's already found it. 

Cole Zimmerman - 10th Grade Woodgrove HS -Cole is a guitarist and fabulous vocalist.  He has worked non-stop since I met him in 2010.  He was surprised to be selected for the Immortals 3 years ago!  For me it was a no brainer.  Everyone who came to our first show knows why I did it now too.  I just can't believe how lucky I get with these incredible characters.  Cole is intuitive, creative, rhythmic and most of all dedicated.  I honestly don't think there are limits on Cole.  


Kirsten Woods - 9th Grade - Woodgrove HS - Kirsten is a pianist and dynamic vocalist.  She has stormed into the Immortals.  Her performance reminds me of Stevie Wonder's lyrics in "Once in My Life," ...her performance says "this is mine and you can't take it!!!"  She is working hard to learn to be a part of an awesome group like the Immortals and humbly pursuing her path to professionalism.  I predict she will lead the group in the future.


Mason Leuck - 8th Grade


Hobbs Miller Pincus - 8th Grade



Past Immortals 

John Rodeffer - 2006

Kelly Hausfeld - 2006

Ashleigh Hendrick Van Briggle - 2006

David Baxter - 2006/2007

JT Davis - 2006 to 2008

Victoria Protic - 2007-2008

Jamie Dahlman - 2006 to 2008

Erik Driscoll - 2006 to 2010

Kyle Lee - 2006 to 2009

Lily Cousland - 2007 to 2009

Felicia Filicetti - 2010

Patrick Ryan - 2006 to 2011

Zach DeHart - 2007 to 2012

David Kennedy - 2011 to 2012

Erin Taylor - 2011 to 2013

Travis Guyton - 2011 to 2013

Abbe Scheerschmidt - 2012 to 2013

Julia Hiser - 2009 to 2014

Joseph Keim - 2009 -2014

Gregory "House" McCall 2012-2015

Tyler Scheerschmidt - 2010-2015

Aidan Bruecken 2013 - 2016

Michael Preston 2015-2016

Ryan Taylor 2015-2016

Lauren Bogle 2014-2016

Emily Horton 2014-2016



In August 2006 I began calling parents of quite a few extremely gifted students to tell them I had an idea.  I had a vision of a program where students could get real life experience in the music business.  THey would receive high level education, performance instruction, performance experience and leadership and group dynamics instruction too.  They would meet for 3 hours together per week and be required to maintain a college level curriculum...all this in addition to their normal weekly lesson at LMI.  

The course

Major Scale Theory

Reading Odd Meter and Complex Time

Blues Theory

     12 bar/8 bar


Chord Theory


   Soloing with phrases on guitar & piano

   Moving phrases around/changing timing

Chord Fragments- Intervals and Double Stops

Minor Scale Theory

Melody Composition

Accompaniment Composition




Modal Music Theory & Modal Interchange

Vocal Technique

Stage Presence and Performance

Modified and Altered Chords


Inversions and Figured Bass Notation/Application

Jazz Theory

     The II - V - I  jazz progression and common modulation

     Implied tonality/chord substitution

     How melody can affect a chord progression

     Chord Progressions that emphasize modal tonality

     Arpeggio Soloing

     Applying Blues Scales / Pentatonics to Jazz soloing

     Secondary Dominants

     Diminished Chord Types and Theory

     Enharmonic Modulation

     Phrygian Dominant Scale

     Song Writing and Arrangement   

      Yearly recording of original EP-understanding recording techniiques



  Immortals 2007 

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Immortals 2013 


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The Immortals reach out yearly to the kids of Cleveland Heights in Cleveland OH.  The Immortals gig and raise money to finance this yearly trip.  The goal is to inspire these kids in Cleveland that they can achieve their dreams be it in music or in another area.  A secondary goal is to provide mentorship and leadership experience for our Immortals.  The kids in Cleveland Heights just have a blast though and probably don't even realize that they are learning that music can change lives, and that they themselves could do it with dedication and determination!

The Immortals put on a free concert at the Cleveland Heights Youth Club and then come back the next day to put on free music workshops in Drums, Guitar, PIano and Song Writing to show the kids that music can be made by people that love it!  This trip is the highlight of the Immortals performance year.

This year (2017) the Immortals paid all travel fees, hotel, food and contributed $1000 straight up to the Arts and Music Program at the Cleveland Heights Youth Club.  The kids at the club made a beautiful roll out thank you card to our Immortals and presented it with the club director, Bev Burgess.  This is what music is all about....Love, motivation, creativity, passion, leadership and community.  This was the best year ever for this trip and I am very proud of LMI's Immortals!


Frank Keim