The Bands at Loudoun Music Instruction
Where the rubber meets the road!

When a student here at my studio demonstrates a firm grip of the fundamentals on his or her instrument, it's time for phase two.  This is the loud phase, the beautiful phase, the BAND phase.

This is true bliss for them and me.  What can be bad about getting together 4 or 5 students who know what they are doing on their instruments?  I watch them work together.  I help them play as a team.  I get them listen to the whole band not just themselves.  I make sure they know how to use their instrument in the context of a group.  The goal is a successful show.  The by products are confidence, leadership, friendship, mutual respect and LOUD NOISES!

The growth I've seen in my band members gives me great satisfaction.  These kids get the oppurtunity to play at my twice a year concerts and at local gigs in the area opening for "The Immortals."

Currently I have 6 veteran performing bands, and I am trying to add two more for 2015.  

Our bands are.... 

The Reflections, The Court of SoulShadow of a Doubt, Prophecy, The River Rats and Spirit Radio